Group Cases

We often take claims where there are a number of people who have suffered a similar loss financially whether due to negligence or a breach of regulations or something else.

If a case is suitable, we can put it forward for a group claim which is a legal solution that enables you to join together with others in the same position into one legal action. Group action, is a fantastic legal mechanism to allow individuals to come together to take on large corporations.

Make a claim

If suitable, we will sponsor a group claim or class action by coordinating all the key players, help arrange legal funding and ATE insurance for the case, as well as offering support services for running the action. Our group administrative company, can help organise claims if required.

If you have suffered a loss as a result of the behaviour of a company, and you’re aware others have too, please get in touch as we can launch or help you join any group action or work as a collection of individual claims with similar merits.