Investment Loss

Investment advisors and managers have been fined millions due to a mis-selling financial investments. This includes:

  • lack of appropriate advice,
  • not considering your needs suitably at the time you invested,
  • not explaining the risks sufficiently, or
  • a lack of care managing your investment.

If your investment has significantly underperformed, it was not suitable for your needs, or misrepresented to you then you could have been mis-sold.

We often act in scenarios where there are groups of clients with similar scenarios.

The financial services sector is heavily regulated to protect consumers and your regulated brokers, or fund managers may have breached these rules or regulations. Our expert term will review the circumstances around your investment and identify if there was any breach which we can seek compensation for. If there is fraud, we may also be able to recover some funds.

Our specialist team are here to assess your investment and try to help you. For a free review, do get in touch.

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