Undisclosed Commission

Companies have a legal (and often regulatory) responsibility to be transparent with you if they are paying commission to any third-party brokers or introducers. If this is not done, then you may have a claim for undisclosed commission, also known as “hidden commission”. If a broker has not disclosed their commission, it creates a conflict of interests which may influence them not to act in your best interests.

In undisclosed commission cases, courts have ordered the contract containing the hidden commission to be rescinded or unwound, which means the client is put back in the position they would have been had they not taken out the contract, taking into account interest and all hidden commissions.

Rothley law, can advise on undisclosed commission claims and help obtain compensation if it’s due.

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Undisclosed commission can occur in many situations that you use a broker. The most common occurrence of hidden commissions is on Car finance agreements or PPI insurance.

  • Car finance: If you have car finance, please review your agreement to see if the broker commission amount is disclosed and get in touch if it is not.
  • PPI commission claim: If you previously had a PPI claim, get in touch as you may be able to recover hidden broker commissions in addition to that you’ve already recovered.


Companies often take out loans, business energy or insurance arrangements using brokers and sometimes the commission is not fully disclosed. We are happy to perform a free review for a potential claim if you require.