Chambers and Partners 2022

I really rate Sarah Cairns, she’s a good lawyer and doesn’t need to be loudest in the room. Approachable and knowledgeable with respect to estate planning.

Chambers and Partners 2024

Sarah Cairns is a powerhouse of the team, she is the linchpin of the team and is a shining example for junior colleagues. She is always generous with her time, takes the time to put clients at ease and can cut through complex legal problems whilst making it look easy!

Chambers and Partners 2021

Melissa Maple articulates complex legal matters in a clear and concise manner and in plain English and has a relaxed demeanour and puts her clients at ease. Her considered approach helps clients understand the issues facing them and she makes them visualise matters.

Chambers and Partners 2024

Melissa Maple’s client engagement is fantastic.

Chambers and Partners 2024

Charlotte Dunn is very knowledgeable, able to deal with complex matters and puts clients at ease. She is the ideal person for any such work because she always has an answer or knows how to look for it.