Laura Abbott, Principal Associate

There are many reasons I like working for Rothley Law – both personal and professional. For starters, the people here are all genuinely friendly, nurturing and supporting; everyone is a real team player and there’s a great atmosphere. As the firm is still in its infancy everyone here can make a difference and play a part in shaping Rothley Law’s future. We know we have a voice and that it’s listened to.

The work is varied and interesting and we’re not micromanaged, so we have a lot of autonomy, but have the reassurance of knowing that there’s great support here when we need it.

On a personal note, the fact that there is genuine flexibility in how we work is really important to me. I have a young family and the fact that part time, remote working, and flexible working hours are not just the norm here, but actively encouraged, makes a real difference. It feels like as a working mum I really can ‘have it all’.  It’s very rare in this industry, even post covid, to have so much flexibility.