Rothley Law’s Caoimhe Turner appears live on ITV’s This Morning

We are delighted to report that today Caoimhe Turner appeared live on ITV’s This Morning to discuss our firm’s continuing support to reform the law to prevent predatory marriage and our successful and groundbreaking win in the court case of Langley v Qin.

In this case, which hit the headlines last month, we acted for Mrs Langley in a legal case which was the first of its kind – we successfully set aside a Will on the ground of undue influence in which arguments over predatory marriage were made. The Judge found in Mrs Langley’s favour and ruled that there had been “significant impropriety” in the creation of the Will by the defendant spouse. The court also found the deceased did not have the mental capacity to make his Will, and also did not know and approve its contents.  The Will was set aside.

If you, or anyone you know, need support on similar matters or have an enquiry, please contact Andrew Bishop or Caoimhe Turner.

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